Developers need a solid text editor

Developers need a solid text editor is for working with complex web applications. It may be for creating a site from a scratch, for editing a CSS file or even just messing around with the configuration files on the server. For them, a good, solid text editor is the smiths hammer. You can find very good text editors both for free and at high cost. If you constantly work with a text editor then it an important choice. Below is a comparison of three popular text editors which will go a long way in helping you choose the best one for your use.

The Notepad++

Notepad++ is a source code editor and is also a text editor. This software is distributed free. For displaying and editing text and as well as programming language source code files, the Notepad++ makes use of the Scintilla editor module.

Advantages of the Notepad++

The best advantages of Notepad++ are its tabs. Today most of the internet browsers have multiple tabs which are used for increasing efficiency and multi-tasking purposes. Notepad++ with its tabs gives the users the same advantages. You have the facility opening as many tabs as you want and copy and paste information in any of the tabs. Each tab can be saved as a separate file, and after they are saved, Notepad++ keeps all the tabs that were opened, organized in the same way as they were left.

Notepad++ gives support to a lot of different coding languages which ranges from C, C#, C++, Java, FORTRAN, and also Matlab coding. This is really helpful for persons who desire to work on their code when they are away from their main programming machine.

The Eclipse

The Eclipse is an open source and independent software based on Java. It is used for making rich client browser based applications. As on date this framework is usually used for developing IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) like the JDT (Java Development Tool Kit) and ECJ (Compiler). But, it can be used for many other different kinds of client application too.

Advantages of Eclipse

By using the Eclipse constantly you will boost up the efficiency and quality of your applications, even as the development expenses and marketing time will decrease. This software has immense possibilities for incorporating and re-using of components.

Eclipse is always free and OS (Open source) software and is very popular worldwide. In addition to the free plug-ins, you can also find many premium plug-ins.

The Dreamweaver

In case you are a designer as well as a programmer, then using then Dreamweaver is the best option for you, because it helps you to develop and design your project in an atmosphere that supports nearly all important web development technologies, together with HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, Ajax, PHP, Adobe ColdFusion software, and ASP.

Benefits of Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver has many benefits especially for maintaining and designing websites, because it helps to build and edit websites very quickly. Its GUI interface enables coding and designing simultaneously. You can also see what your HTML looks like just after writing the code.

It has a split view interface which allows you to speedily build a page in the design view and then refine your HTML in the coding view itself. Also, the code that you want to modify can be found out quickly by just selecting the equivalent constituent in the design pane.

Notepad++ vs. Eclipse vs. Dreamweaver


Notepad++ is an advanced editor with coloring text that gives you more information about the code. It can distinguish and classify by color HTML tags, plain text, HTML attributes, and HTML comments. This helps to make the code image clearer and you can easily find a missing character such as “or >. In addition Notepad++ gives numbers to all line, which becomes handy when the PHP error results in error in the line number.

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Eclipse is a programming editor that is used for many programming languages like Java and C++. Eclipse also has an inbuilt debugger that finds bugs, by highlighting the incorrect line with a red ‘X’. However, Eclipse cannot be installed easily, and in case you would like to use PHP you must download a separate PHP Development Tool (PDT). If you are a beginner, you may become confused with all the different features of Eclipse and face difficulties in using it.


Dreamweaver starts up rather slower than Notepad++. However the design and source view in Dreamweaver, though sometimes if you make a change in the design view can often interfere with the original code and so you have to make changes.

Both Notepad++ and Dreamweaver present color for the code and thus it enables you to tell the code apart, which is an extremely helpful characteristic and makes it easier for you to be aware of the code.


It is really difficult to decide which of the text editors is more useful and helpful. Notepad++ is very popular as it is free and also due to its features. Dreamweaver on the other hand is useful if you code daily for a long time. On the other hand by using Eclipse, you can boost up the quality and efficiency of your applications with less expense and time.

Just like the other software applications, choosing the best text editor for your use depends on the flow and importance of your work. You should therefore experiment with them and see what suits you the most.

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