How to Backup Your WordPress Website

Creating a backup of a WordPress website is a responsibility that many people dismiss or overlook

Creating a backup of a WordPress website is a responsibility that many people dismiss or overlook as they think that it is the scope of the hosting company to safeguard your data. But this is not the case as it is your duty to safeguard the information and data. Therefore you should definitely keep your WordPress database and its other files backed up for restoration in case some disaster strikes.

You can easily find many WordPress Plugins and use them to backup your website, but it is very easy to backup your website manually which is equally important because there are chances that the plugins may malfunction.

How to backup up your files

If you want to take a manual backup of the WordPress files, you must have an FTP client. You should set up connection with the FTP server of the host, and then look for the WordPress setting up directory. In case you have done WordPress installation by yourself, it will be an easy job; and if not, you must search and find the file. You will find a folder named “WordPress”.

In the next step you have to download the entire directory to your local machine.

Taking a backup of your WordPress Database

Your webhosting account has a default feature through which you can access and manage your database through phpMyAdmin. But if you use some Db administration tools, then the procedure is somewhat different, but the functionality remains the same.

Next you should gain entry to phpMyAdmin and search for the WP database. After locating it, you should find the Export tab and click on it for exporting your database. As soon as you click the Export option, a screen will show up. In the left column of the screen, you will find a list of the tables which are present in the WP database. You should select SQL as a format for exporting and then tick on the option “Save as file”. Click Go, for exporting the database. The downloaded file will consist of all the SQL statements required for recreating the database. As a default, your file name will remain the same as that of the database. For example: databaseyourname.sql

How to restore a WordPress Website

It is very simple to restore a WordPress website as you are required only to upload the WordPress Directory into the server and then bring back the database from the databaseyourname.sql backup file that you have downloaded as in 2 above. You should always use a secure FTP client for restoring your WordPress files back into the server and also use the same location where it was earlier positioned.

You should create a new database before restoring the data. This can be done by going to phpMyAdmin

After doing the needful, you should click on the Import link.

Backing up by using WordPress Plugin

You can also backup your WordPress site by using a highly rated WordPress Database Backup Plugin. For this you should install and activate it in your WordPress website. This Plugin is very effective as it backs up your WordPress tables (data, posts, etc) plus the other data that you found in the same database.

The plugin is can be easily downloaded and installed in WordPress Admin page. For this you should sign in to your WordPress site and then click on the ‘Plugins’ link found on the left sidebar and then click ‘add new’ option on the top of the page. Type ‘WordPress Database Backup’. You should find it as the first result. Then immediately click install, and continue to setup the plugin.

This plugin allows you to go to the configuration settings and program automatic backups. It is also recommended that you save the backup data files in a CD-ROM or in some external storage devices, or with some providers such as the Dropbox.

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