10 mistakes often made by newbie internet marketers

Most new internet marketers often continue to make the same mistakes again and again.

Most new internet marketers often continue to make the same mistakes again and again. The reason for this because they don’t have a definite plan about what to do and so make common internet marketing mistakes, one of which is “wasting their time”. However, this deserves its own section. In addition, some of the other common mistakes most new marketers make are as under:

Trying to find shortcuts

This is one common mistake that nearly all new marketers make when they are looking for some information related to internet marketing. Usually they come across some scam websites that promises and convinces them that by spending a few dollars on an “Amazing EBook” they will become filthy rich within a few days! Remember the more you search for these amazing shortcuts to online riches, your success will be delayed.


Don’t understand the term of “NICHE”

This is another common mistake that most newbie internet marketers make. They simply don’t know the meaning of “NICHE”. In addition they also fail to recognize the vast potential of the internet especially in the small areas or topics to market in, and start promoting niches relating to “health”, “diet” and “how to make money”, which is, what most people do. What newbie’s don’t understand is that if they start in such highly competitive areas, it will slow down their progress and consequently cause stress and loss of money.

Make big plans but do very little

The number of people starting internet marketing is increasing by minutes, but only a few can succeed. The reason is simple. They make big plans but do very little. So it is very important to learn as you go along. Choose a niche you can stay focused, build a blog and start from there.

Fear of failure

Every person in this world fears about failure, though it is fact that only 4% of the people start from a scratch and eventually make it big in the internet. Today internet has become more positive and there are many free avenues which can help you to get started free or with very little investment. You start with a free blog about a topic, for instance “Videos on guitar training”. Write a few articles and submit them to the article directories, make some videos and upload them to YouTube which will help you to gain more exposure. This is your set up. Just keep going and don’t stop!

Using too many methods at the same time

This is another mistake that most newbie internet marketer makes. They use too many techniques for promoting their products. Remember if you focus on too many areas, you may not gain much. Therefore you should use only a few methods and enjoy doing them. Do them perfectly with consistency! Doing too many things at the same time may make you busy, but it doesn’t mean that you will get good results!


Failure to learn the basic web designing skills

99% of online success depends on having a website. It is very rare to succeed in the internet without a website. Many new internet marketers think that their ideas will run without a website. But this is not true. So you should learn how to maintain your own websites and the basic web designing skills.

Quitting soon

Success may not come quickly, but it is not impossible. Many new internet marketers quit their ideas if they do not succeed overnight. This is not right as you have to work at least for 4 to 6 months trying to get constant unique traffic, build links, put up paid advertising and a host of other things. Often this may not work in the first instance. But you should keep on trying by writing new content for your blogs and websites and post new articles in the directories and other things. Keeping going at it for another 3 months, when you think of quitting. It is 100% sure that you will succeed.

Not understanding how to succeed in the internet

It is very rare that you will immediately get huge profits in your internet business. Success in internet business usually comes in small increments, which in due course will add up to your overall online success. You may be disappointed if you aim big at the start. Remember a small commission or sale will add up to big success in the future.

Hard work do not guarantee success

You can work hard all day and night till you drop dead, but it will not guarantee success. Your work should be in the right direction, as unnecessary and misdirected hard wok may lead to frustration and failure.


Wait for success before building a list

It does not really matter what form of internet marketing you are doing. A list is very important for your success. Getting a lead is easier than selling a product. In the same way it is easier to sell a product to a list member than to a new customer. Good auto-responder doesn’t cost much for getting 500 leads. If you are able to build a list of about 500 targeted leads, then it is much better than having thousands of visitors coming to your website from spam links or spam email. Not getting an auto-responder and building a targeted list of potential clients to market to, is one of the main reasons for a new marketer to fail in his ventures.


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