Organic SEO and AdWords – A Comparison

If you want to build up a successful marketing program

If you want to build up a successful marketing program, you have to be creative. There are many persons who venture into the program but are not sure about the avenues to pursue with the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). An effective SEO company will always provide a number of methods to boost up your rankings in the search engine and will not rely on the same methods again and again. If you spend money for your online marketing then you must know the difference and the effectiveness of the organic SEO and Google Adwords (PPC). You must also know that you can do everything at a lesser price. You must have a clear information and knowledge of both these online marketing methods and also learn about their pros and cons.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO depends on the algorithms of the Search Engines. The work of the Search Engines is to crawl and assess your website and then add its content to their directory and rank it after comparison with the other results. Whenever someone submits a query to a Search Engine, it retrieves its records and lists, and brings out the results which they think is appropriate to your query or search phrase.

The organic results are often inclined to some degree by a procedure known as the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Organic SEO is a collection of self-determining techniques meant for presenting your website pages in the best possible way to the search engines. A highly optimized webpage ranks higher than a webpage that has not been optimized. SEO is a time tested, tried, and refined endeavor for ranking high on the SERPs and to stay in that rank for an indefinite time. It is not a straightforward or a quick one time attempt for getting reputation.


  • You can gain organic rankings if you adopt some refined methods for optimization which are favourable with the SEO’s indexing algorithms, as they continuously examine the websites, evaluate them as per their laid down conditions and then rank them thereafter.

  • Visitors and users are naturally inclined to visit the organically ranked websites as these websites have achieved credibility obtained by a strong and relevant content, constant traffic and inbound links from other dependable websites.


  • The ranks of big companies are always high as they are senior in the industry and online market. A fresh and new company finds it very difficult to get high rankings.

  • The effort and time required is rather high as it may take some time to reach the desired ranking.

  • The content of the website has to be reviewed, updated or refreshed constantly as the indexing algorithms changes frequently and websites have to follow the latest guiding principle, which in turn makes the procedure continual.

  • In all probability it is more cost effective than Adwords.


Adwords of Google is in fact a PPC (Pay Per Click) program. In this program the website owner chooses his or her own keywords and location, mainly at what time, which place and how his or her classified ad will be located on the Google SERP which may be on the top or on the left side of SERP. For this you will pay a certain amount to Google every time a visitor makes a click on your advertisement in the SERP. It does not matter much whether you are a veteran webmaster or a new entrant in online marketing, your ad will rank high above, or besides the normal search results, which depends on your resources to fund the procedure.


  • As soon as you make payment for the keyword selection and advertisement position, your ad gets immediate attention.

  • If your offer is attractive you will get a heavy traffic to your website.

  • As long as you fund the program, the process will remain active.


  • The program is not advisable for those who have tight budget because the bid amount may vary as it is based on the location and keyword. The rates for top positions and aggressive keywords are higher.

  • You need to spend some time for making experiments with the process, in case your efforts are to be monetized.

  • As soon as the advertisements are taken off from the SERP, the traffic will also drop immediately.

  • Only those sponsored links which are really exceptional, attention-grabbing and unique, are more likely to be accessed.


The aim of both Adwords and Organic SEO is to draw the interest of the internet user who is searching for some definite information by means of the Google search engine. In case you would like to rank high perpetually then Organic SEO would be a good choice.

Nevertheless, a mixture of both the methods would be perfect for promoting a new website. You can use Adwords to get the preliminary awareness and after that follow it up with a resourceful SEO method for building up popularity of your brand in the ensuing days.

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