Planning Effective Internet Marketing

Do you know the reason why you have failed to succeed in your internet business in spite of all your efforts?

The reason is very simple. It is because you didn’t have a fool proof internet marketing approach.If you think by creating a website and submitting it to a few blogs or directories will bring you thousands of dollars, you should stop at once. It’s not going to happen! Because you should know: who you are and what you want your future to be. In all internet business there are basically two things which matters the most. They are “Buying” and “Selling”. So to put it simply, the whole thing comes down to this:

The customer

Question who your customer is and what he or she is looking for. Try to know their desires and problems. Just put yourself in their shoes and feel what you should offer to make them feel better.

What should you offer?

Next, question what should you offer, or what do you have to offer to them? Why should they buy it from you? Are you better then the rest of your competitors? Can they trust you completely? Is the product you are offering, your own or are you selling someone else’s product? How can you make a tempting offer so that your customers will just line up for buying it? Just think, there are thousands of people who buy online daily. In case they are not buying from you, then whose fault is it really? Is it yours, or is the fault of the people?

Therefore your priority would be to research everything before you start planning your internet marketing for your products. This is the first step, where everything starts. As in the case of other business, you must first of all understand your position, and then, what you can offer or do for your customers.

The First Step – Conduct an online research

The first step for an effective marketing strategy is to research the market. You research should include who are your chiefcompetitors and what are they doing in the internet. Are they using SEO, PPC, affiliate marketing, press releases, developing their own products as their marketing strategy? You should also find out their weakness. Do they offer any guarantee? What is the condition of their product? You should also research about your customers. Where can you find them? What do they actually want or forces them to buy a product? Take your time and read the reviews and testimonials, take part in forums and try to find out everything you can about your target market.

The Second Step – Analyze the Data

After the online research, start analyzing the data. First systemize the data by writing down the strength and weakness of your competitors. Perhaps you might have more time than your competitors? Or probably you know about some targeted traffic sources that they don’t. So how will all this affect your business? Analyze carefully the places your target market normally visits. What do they want actually? Most probably they are not happy with the products found in the market. Can you offer them something that is better than the rest, or perhaps you can offer them a bonus.

The Third Step – Developing your Internet Marketing Techniques

After knowing your target market and competitors, you should start developing your internet marketing techniques.

This requires some planning. You should think about the affordable marketing techniques you’ll use. Should you use SEO, PPC, email marketing, podcasting, blogging, video blogging, viral traffic generation, link building, webinars, banner exchange or some other method? Prioritize the marketing techniques and then find out which one will give good results in a short time. If you have enough time, you can use the Search Engine Optimization technique. On the other hand if your time is short, you can buy PPC traffic.

If you don’t have time and money, then stop right there, otherwise you’ll be a failure. Time and money are both needed for surviving in this competitive world.

The Fourth Step – Monitoring the Performance

After planning your internet market techniques, you should implement them immediately and start monitoring your internet marketing campaigns. Find out which were the keywords that people used in the Search Engines for finding out your website. Which were the keywords that brought you the maximum money in the PPC MARKETING? Are your SEO rankings satisfactory? How much time do your visitors spend on your website?

Remember that by only closely monitoring your performance you can find out what works for you and what doesn’t. Test your landing pages and Adwords ads against each other (A/B split test) to get some astonishing results which will go a long way for the success of your internet business.

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